Waste & Compost

We here at the Bicheno Food & Wine Festival are getting serious about reducing our environmental footprint. This year, we’ve asked our stallholders to provide nothing to patrons that needs a general waste bin, and we plan to process organics – making up the bulk of our waste – into rich compost, right here in Bicheno.

There will be four waste streams at each bin station around the festival, and they’ll look a little like this:

  • Organics – cardboard and bamboo serving ware, cutlery and of course scrap food goes in here
  • Recycling – aluminium cans and glass bottles only! Not for cardboard, no no no.
  • General – nothing that our stalls sell need to go in here… so they should stay empty!
  • Bio Cups – the compostable bio-plastic beer and cold drink cups need to be shredded and strategically placed in our compost pile, so they get their very own milkcrate bin. Nothing else in here please.

To help ensure the right waste goes in the right bin, we’ve brought a friendly waste manager on board to answer questions and help keep everyone on track with their waste management throughout the festival day! Make sure you say hi!