Q:How do I get there?

A:Bicheno is on the East Coast of Tasmania, the Festival is at Lions Park, Burgess Street – so just ask Siri and she will take you to us.

Q:When does it start?

A:Gates open at 10.30am and we will send you home at 6pm after a fun filled day out.

Q:Is the festival going to sell out?

A:It looks like it - there has been an enormous leap in interest this year and our pre-sales are going bananas. And as we have a strictly limited audience capacity, once we're sold out there will be no more tickets available.

Q:How do I buy tickets?

A:Hit the "buy tickets now" button at the top of this page! We really want you to buy on line as we are a community event and need to have an idea on how many of you are coming – our stall holders would like that too! If you are local you can buy tickets in person at the Bendigo Bank Branches in Swansea and Bicheno. Actually you don’t need to be local – they will sell them to anyone!

Q:Will there be door sales?

A:There may be very limited door sales, though these won't last long at all. Best not to risk it - get your tickets online or at Bicheno Newsagency or Bendigo Bank branches in Bicheno and Swansea now.

Q:Can I bring my own food & drinks?

A:We would like you to just bring you! Sealed bottled water is OK but everything else is available for purchase on site. No glass containers though.

Q:Is there EFTPOS? An ATM?

A:There will be an ATM next to the box office, plus some stalls will have EFTPOS and some are notes & coins – we recommend you bring some old school moola on the day.

Q:Can I bring the kids?

A:Yes this is a family event but we would really like you to stay as a family while you are with us, kids roaming off on their own is not something we would like to see. Stay close guys.

Q:What about Fido?

A:We love our pooches as much as you do but Fido needs to stay home this time – no pets please.

Q:Can I smoke anywhere at the event?

A:Nope - Bicheno Food and Wine Festival is designated a smoke free event; you'll have to take a stroll down the beach or anywhere outside the venue... and remember to bin your butts!

Q:Is there furniture?

A:We would like you to bring your own camp chair, picnic rug, bean bag and set up your posie for the day but please leave the couch and the kitchen sink at home with Fido and his minder.

Q:What if the weather's bad?

A:Bad – East Coast Tassie, seriously! We are blessed with the sun gods on the coast but if it turns to the point of cancellation you will be updated via facebook so remember to follow us.

Q:Can I refund my tickets?

A:We would love to say yes but we can’t. As all tickets are general admission we cannot issue refunds. Once purchased they are yours forever !

Q:Is there free sunscreen?

A:Got it nailed.

Q:Is there free water?

A:For sure – Taswater will be on site with free tap water. There will also be Bicheno Food & Wine Festival water bottles for sale!