Tickets to Bicheno Food & Wine Festival 2019 have now sold out.  Missed out on tickets? Don’t dismay! Bicheno is a great place for day trippers – with stunning beaches, sightseeing, bushwalks and of course the extensive program of partner events throughout the weekend. There are also still a few ways to get yourself into the Saturday event, if you’re keen to help or have the patience to wait – please read on…

Q: Will there be more tickets released before the festival?
A: There will not. However we do have volunteer positions available here, and there is an official waiting list here in case we can offer any cancelled tickets back to the public. This waiting list is already quite substantial, and it is very unlikely that we will be able to offer tickets to everyone that joins it.


Q: Will there be tickets available on the gate, on the day?
A: Not immediately, however we will offer a “one out, one in” system from 1pm on the 16th. This means that once someone decides to leave the festival for the day, a ticket will be made available for purchase. There will be no booking system for this – it will be first come, first served, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee availability.


Q: Can I buy tickets on gumtree, or facebook, or any other outlet?
We strongly advise against purchasing tickets from third-party sources – the only verified, legitimate outlet for tickets to Bicheno Food & Wine Festival 2019 is through the waiting list on our website (via


Q: I have bought tickets but can’t make it to the festival… what do I do?
While we can’t offer refunds, we may be able to “buy back” your ticket, minus any processing fees. Email with your name and the number printed on your tickets and we’ll get back to you with more information.
Please note – the buy back system will cease at 10:00am on the 10th of November 2019.


“The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival is everything that makes your heart sing when you think of Tasmania’s spectacular East Coast.“

Tasmania is becoming world renowned for its fine wines, boutique beers and ciders, exquisite produce, and food. The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival builds on this from an East Coast perspective, and as a result, people come along in their droves. Staying true to such a simple doctrine is not hard, particularly as the Festival continues to attract supporters who not only live and breathe the lifestyle, but also actively support the growth and sustainability of these industries on the coast.

The location is literally seaside, looking directly over Waubs Bay, out to sea, and north toward our favourite surf break at Redbill Beach. The produce is unapologetically East Coast Tasmania, Wine, Cider, Beer, Spirits and the food. Oh goodness – All the taste and wonder that our clean air, pristine water, and untarnished soils can deliver.

The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.