Bicheno Food and Wine Festival wins Event of the Year!


The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival has, for the third time in 4 years, been recognised as the Event of the Year at the recent Great Eastern Driver Awards. These awards are organised by East Coast Tourism and open to businesses, organisations and individuals who contribute to Tourism in the area. The festival category, in particular, recognises events that positively promote the east coast as well as provide economic benefit for the local community.

Last year’s festival was one of the best ever, which has resulted in a positive vibe for the coming year and plans for this year’s event, its 10th anniversary, are well under way. The Bicheno Festivals committee would like to take the opportunity to express their gratitude to the Bicheno community, the local businesses, all the people who work behind the scenes and all the volunteers who put up their hands every year to help; you are the reason for the festival’s success!


Saturday November 19th 2016